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1. Hello! How are you? How do you feel now that your new album “Welcome to the Night” is released? 

2. What kind of reactions did you receive so far? 
We’ve really received a wide array of responses! From words of genuine praise from fans, all the way down to the complaints of a handful of critics who are so utterly stupid that I can’t believe they’ve even been capable of learning how to use a spoon! Their total inability to comprehend the idea that this record is a STORY is absolutely beyond me, and affords me THE MOST humor I’ve experienced in years! I’ve spent more than one night with a shot of bourbon, laughing my ass off, reading through their absurd misgivings. Ha!
3. By the way now that the album is finished do you think that there are things that you would like to change? 
NO! Absolutely not! We were able to achieve, PRECISELY, what we originally set out to do.
4. Why did you name the album “Welcome to the Night”? It sounds to me a bit like a title for a horror movie. 
This album IS a horror movie! Essentially, the entire record is a “movie-on-CD”. One single 3-dimensional idea presented in a linear musical format. I’ve always been inspired by nightmare-element movies like “Phantasm”.
5. You released your debut album “Iron Tiger” 14 years ago. Why did it take you so long to release your new album? 
Haha! Pick a disaster. We’ve probably lived through it. Economic difficulties to deaths. We’ve seen the ENTIRE range of troubles that can delay, inhibit, and entirely kill a project. If I hadn’t witnessed it myself, I doubt I’d even believe some of them could actually happen! 
6. How have these 14 years of absence affected the sound of the band? 
I don’t believe our overall “sound” has changed much since “Iron Tiger”. If anything, it’s just more focused.
7. By the way do you plan to re – release your debut album “Iron Tiger”? 
At the present time, that will depend, entirely, on INFERNO. We would like to see it re-issued, so we’ll see.
8. I would like to stand a bit on the cover of your new album which looks more like a cover of a death metal band. 
Hahaha! Who’s the fool making up THOSE kinds of silly rules? ONLY a death-metal band can have this kind of cover? Or ONLY a speed-metal band can have that cover? Or ONLY a black-metal band can have a whatever-kind-of cover? We find ALL “sub-genre” labeling, restrictions, and/or ideology EXTREMELY ridiculous and creatively limiting! TRUE METAL DOESN'T FOLLOW RULES! You’ve heard the expression: You can’t judge a book by its cover? The same applies to an album. Besides, if you already know what you’re getting, where’s the surprise? It kind of takes the fun out of things! The mystery makes it magical. 
9. How did you choose this one as a cover? 
WE LOVE IT! We had it shot exclusively for “Welcome to the Night”. It’s so reminiscent of the old-style “exploitation” horror-flick posters that we grew up with in the ‘70s and’80s, and that is EXACTLY the effect we were looking for. It’s got that whole “poster” vibe that signals the type of story that’s on the inside. You don’t know if our cover-model is a psycho killer, or a victim! She could be your mom, your girlfriend, your teacher, your sister… anybody! Bathed in blood, she’s beautiful AND repulsive ALL AT THE SAME TIME! Erotic, yet disturbing. Some narrow-minded individuals may regard our cover as rather distasteful, BUT once you’ve seen it, you’ll never forget it! You can love it or hate it, but either way, I guarantee that you WILL REMEMBER IT!
10. Between the tracks of your new album you have some dialogues that sound like a radio broadcast, why did you do that? 
Only the first “chapter” contains the dramatization (the album is in 3 distinct “chapters”). Primarily because it is ESSENTIAL to our story. We wanted to make an “entertaining” record to listen to, but also, one that makes you think, and that has something to say. One that was an “experience”, not just the same old “one-song-after-another” type of thing, but the kind of record that a listener could submerge himself in. One you can put on, and just allow yourself to become involved in the story being presented. Much like reading a good book. There are far too many “instant gratification” records out there already. We wanted a different approach. Something separate. A little more unique. Our dramatization really sets the stage for the entire rest of the album. (Besides being an extremely creative way to actually USE our “bonus tracks” rather than simply tacking-them-on at the end.) That’s why it all comes back in the epilogue. The listener learns that the nuclear holocaust was NOT just-a-dream. Any listener or critic that ignores the dramatization, or simply “blows-through-it” because of their ignorance or impatience, is actually shortchanging themselves by missing out on HALF the experience that we worked to create. This is something we did especially for the listener to ENJOY. It’s a shame that some metal fans are so accustomed to the “same-old” kind-of-album done the same-old-way that they can’t accept anything beyond what they already know. We believed they deserved something more.
11. On “Welcome to the Night” you have also included 2 songs that were composed from your previous band back in the 80s. Can you tell us which songs these are and which your previous band was? 
“King of the Hill”, and “Battleaxe” are actually “bonus tracks” for the fans. We’ve been asked MANY times over the years about our origin. So we thought the inclusion of the tracks would be a fun slice of our history for the fans that were interested. We originally began as a group called COVEN formed in 1982 and lasting until mid-1987. BUTCHER is actually only an evolutionary derivative of that idea. 
12. Did you change the songs and if yes to which point? 
NO! Those songs are the original recordings from August, 1986. The only thing done, really, was to have the tapes “restored”, as there was a fairly extensive amount of deterioration that had taken place over the years. Then, of course, they were simply re-mastered.
13. These questions are for your singer Lil Tang: Have you been in other bands before BUTCHER? 
YES! I played with two bands before BUTCHER. Back in the ‘90s, I played drums in a thrash-band called COMPOUND FRACTURE And when we lost a guitarist, we renamed the trio SLAG. 
14. Have you released anything with them and which do you think that are your influences? 
We played the local shithole bars, and even worked ourselves up a demo-tape. (They were cassettes back then). Sadly, we never released an album. We had a lot of fucking fun though! My influences are many, as I enjoy LOTS of different types of music. The TOP of the rock/metal list would include Joan Jett, King Diamond, Wendy O. Williams, Chris Cornell, Layne Staley, and L-7. 
15. Also how do you feel to be the only woman in a men’s band? 
It’s actually quite normal for me! I’ve ALWAYS hung out with the guys. I’ve never been in a band with other females! (I can’t imagine a bus full of p.m.s.! Sure, we occasionally have issues, but I’ll just throw maxi-pads and tampons at them if they piss me off! I’m not a “girly-girl”, QUITE-THE-CONTRARY! I’m one of the biggest non-lesbian tomboys you’ll ever meet. Needless to say, I’m quite comfortable with the boys, ESPECIALLY the ones who are assholes like me! Hahaha!
16. Are there any plans for touring? 
There are efforts currently being made in that direction. We’ll know more once our replacement drummer, Zakk Reitgarde, and our additional rhythm guitarist, C.T. Fritts (also formerly of COVEN), are up-to-speed on all the material. 
17. Do you have any plans to visit Europe and especially Greece? 
A European tour has been my dream ever since I was in high school. That is something I would truly love to see happen! 
18. I think in my country there are many people that would love your sound. 
BUTCHER would love to play Greece, and get to meet some seriously rockin’ fuckers in your country! Greece is one of the countries that is VERY HIGH on our priority list!
19. If you had the chance to do an expensive video – clip which song would you choose to visualize and how do you imagine it? 
Fucking “Shockwave”!!! Hands down!! Expensive? Hell yes! I bet it would cost MILLIONS!! We’ve always envisioned it with a ton of first-rate, Terminator II style, Hollywood special effects! From the nuclear blast to the band playing amidst the fires and ruins before an audience of radiation-burned children crawling out from beneath the rubble! With an American general pitted against a Russian general on a “Monopoly-style” board-game called “Shockwave” (where all the play-pieces are missiles) in the background! I actually had the visuals down before I ever even wrote the song! If you read the lyrics, you’ll see it’s pretty intense.
20. Thanks for your time answering my questions! 
ANYTIME!! Thank YOU for asking them! 
21. Good luck with your band and your new album! 
22. The last lines belong to you… 
Set aside a cold beer, and throw a steak on the fire! Hopefully we’ll be seeing you SOON!
Nick  “Verkaim”  Parastatidis

Enternal Night

Formidablemente el bajista/vocalista de BUTCHER StoneAge ha respondido esta entrevista, la cual es muy interesante ya que a muchos les hará dar cuenta del error que es seguir la rutina en el Metal, ya que no hay reglas en nuestro genero. También sobre todo lo que puede afectar la rivalidad entre bandas.

Saludos, déjenme saber como esta la banda actualmente…
Una vez mas BUTCHER esta en estado de flujo. Esto debido a que tuvimos que reemplazar al baterista Gary Sheehan pues fue necesario ubicarnos al norte de California. El reemplazo es: Zakk Reitgarde. Confiamos en sus habilidades y realmente ha traído mucho entusiasmo al grupo. Zakk le esta dando gran cantidad de alegría al trabajo. Poca experiencia, pero mucho talento! Tenemos muy buenas expectativas con él. También adicionamos un guitarrista rítmico, C.T. Fritts. He trabajado con él antes, entre 1983 y 1989. Es un rítmico muy fuerte y una persona muy dinámica. Es un potente compositor, ha co-escrito varias canciones del álbum debut "Iron Tiger".

Que pueden decirme del álbum “Welcome to the Night”?
No es mucho lo que podamos decir mas allá de la absoluta emoción que sentimos con esta producción! No ha sido un álbum como los que se graban en un buen numero de años. Tenemos un vigoroso "FUCK YOU" para los ignorantes que piensan que el Metal debe seguir reglas estúpidas! Si alguien esta buscando un álbum que suene igual a todo lo demás, este no es para esas personas! "Welcome To The Night" es una HISTORIA! Si alguien no tiene el tiempo, la paciencia o la inteligencia para entenderlo, es mejor que lo dejen para quienes si lo hacen!

Mis temas favoritos son: "Shockwave" y "Silence"
Estamos muy encariñados con esos temas desde que fueron los puntos esenciales de la historia.

Por que tardaron tantos años en tener un segundo álbum?
Actualmente empezamos a trabajar en el siguiente "Iron Tiger". Nos habíamos encontrado con una catástrofe que retraso toda la producción! Después de la muerte de Cris supimos que podríamos realizar el proyecto!

Tienen planes de promocionar el álbum tocando fuera de los “States”?
Promocionar el álbum no es una salida para nosotros. Deseamos tocar fuera de los U.S.A. solo para estar cerca de los fans! Los que realmente creen y nos apoyan en los tiempo difíciles! Sin ellos no tendríamos la dedicación para continuar!

Cual es su opinión sobre las nuevas (jóvenes) bandas de Heavy Metal?
He escuchado muchas, buenas cosas. Particularmente me llama la atención las de Suramérica! Muchas de las nuevas bandas son muy buenas. Desafortunadamente allí están muy quietos, parecen ser la “política del Metal”. Toda esa mierda limita la creatividad y así el buen material! Por ejemplo, puede haber un músico que quiera interpretar una balada de Scorpions que el mundo nunca escuchará porque el resto de la banda dice “No podemos hacer eso, somos una banda de Thrash Metal! Que va a pensar la gente?" Muchos músicos jóvenes necesitan pasar por toda esa mierda de las “reglas” para darse cuenta que lo mas grande del Metal es que NO HAY PUTAS REGLAS!

Pueden mencionar algunos de sus músicos favoritos?
Hmmm. Vamos a ver: The Partridge Family, Donny Osmond, The Jackson 5. Oh, y vocalmente Johnny Horten! Hahaha! Todos nosotros nuestras influencias individuales. Lil es un gran fan de Hannah Montana!! Y Joel siempre anda con sus discos de Jonas Brothers! Hahaha! Lo único que le decimos a la gente es que escuchamos Sabbath y Motorhead! Ha! Todo esto es por bromear, mis preferencias personales son Black Sabbath, KISS, Deep Purple, Blue Oyster Cult, Alice Cooper, y Judas Priest. Y generalmente cualquier Metal pre-'86.

Como es la escena en su ciudad?
Somos los únicos en la escena y estoy seguro que la policía desea que nos larguemos de aquí. No hay bandas de Metal en este pueblo. En ciudades cercanas hay Buena revolución de Metal subterráneo! Es excitante ver como se va construyendo. Hay buenas bandas. Probablemente nos unamos a algunas de ellas. Hay algo que nos hiere y es la PUTA RIVALIDAD ENTRE BANDAS! El Metal es una minoría y las bandas necesitan ir mas allá de esa "rivalidad"! el metal necesita compañerismo! Ayuda mutua! Estoy totalmente en contra de esa mentalidad de "batalla-de-las-bandas"! debería rotularse como “HERMANDAD DE LAS BANDAS”!

Finalmente un mensaje para estos lectores
MANTENGAN EL METAL EN 10!! Pónganle fe! (y no se olviden de nosotros malditos!) Hahaha!Muchas gracias Alex por el interés en BUTCHER. Fue todo un placer responder las preguntas.

English translation

Formidably bassist / vocalist has responded StoneAge BUTCHER this interview, which is very interesting that many people will realize the mistake is to follow the routine in the metal, and there are no rules in our genre. Also on everything that can affect the rivalry between bands.

Greetings, let me know how the band is currently ... 

At the present moment BUTCHER is, once again, in a state of flux. This is due to the fact we had to replace drummer Gary Sheehan after he found it necessary to relocate to northern California. We have a great new replacement: Zakk Reitgarde. We have a lot of confidence in his abilities and he's really brought a lot of enthusiasm into the group. Zakk is proving to be a tremendous amount of fun to work with. Very little experience, but an overwhelming amount of raw talent! We're really expecting some good things from him. We have also added an additional rhythm guitarist, C.T. Fritts, to the lineup. I've worked with him before. From 1983 to '89. He's a strong rhythm guitarist and a dynamic personality. He's also a potent songwriter in his own right. He was a co-writer of many of the songs from our debut album, "Iron Tiger".

What can you tell me about the new "Welcome To The Night" album?

There's not much we can say beyond how absolutely thrilled we are with this release!! There hasn't been an album like it released in a good number of years. And after seeing how a number of critics treat anything that is "outside common convention" I guess I can see why. Hahaha! We have a hearty "FUCK YOU" for the ignorant fucks that think metal is supposed to follow some kind of stupid rules! If you are looking for an album that sounds like everything else you already own, this one is NOT for you! "Welcome To The Night" is a STORY! If somebody out there doesn't have the time, patience, or intelligence to understand that, this record is best left for those that do! It's a rocker, but there's a lot more to it.

My favorite tracks are: "Shockwave" and "Silence" 

We're VERY fond of those tunes as well since they are the pivotal points of our story.

Why did you passed too many years to record a second album?

We actually began working on it immediately following "Iron Tiger". We were met with one catastrophe after another that delayed EVERY possible step of production! We believed we were "done for" for a good number of years while the album sat idly on a studio shelf. After Cris's death we knew we could allow it to remain a dormant project NO LONGER!

Do you have plans to play outside USA promoting the CD?

Promoting the CD isn't even an issue with us. We want to play outside the U.S.A. just to get near to our fans! The real believers that kept us going during the hard times! Without them, we may never have had the dedication to keep going!

What's your opinion about the new (young) Heavy Metal bands?

I've heard A LOT of new, great things out there. There particularly seems to be A WHOLE LOT of really exciting things stirring in South America! The "overall" field is really brewing with some smokin' hot metal! A great many of the newer bands are REALLY good. Unfortunately there are also quite a few that seem to be getting caught up in the "politics-of-metal" by being too fucking concerned with titles, labels, categories, and such. All of that shit just squashes creativity, and limits some really good stuff! For an example; there may be a musician out there that has a REALLY GREAT Scorpion-esque ballad that the world will never get to hear because the rest of the band is saying "We CAN'T do that! We're a speed-metal band! What would people think?" Many younger players needs to get past that whole "rules" bullshit and realize that that's the GREATEST facet of metal! NO FUCKING RULES! 

Can you tell me some of your favorite musicians ever?

Hmmm. Let's see. There's The Partridge Family, Donny Osmond, The Jackson 5. Oh, and vocally Johnny Horten! Hahaha! All of us have the musicians that we attribute as our individual influences. Don't say I told you this, but Lil is a HUGE Hannah Montana fan!! And where would Joel be without his Jonas Brothers records! Hahaha! We only TELL people we listen to Sabbath and Motorhead! Ha! All joking aside, most of my personal preferences keep leading me back to Black Sabbath, KISS, Deep Purple, Blue Oyster Cult, Alice Cooper, and Judas Priest. And generally ANY metal that's pre-'86.

Let me know about the Metal scene in your city... 

WE are the ONLY metal scene here! (...and I'm sure the cops would love to see us fucking go away too!) Haha! There are NO metal bands in our town. In the nearby cities, there is a pretty good underground metal revolution brewing! It's pretty exciting to watch it building. There are some really great bands. We'll probably be teaming up with a few of them shortly. That's something that has hurt the metal scene in our area as well: FUCKING BULLSHIT BAND RIVALRY! Metal is always a minority! Bands need to get past that "rivalry" shit and hook-up! Form metal partnerships! Help EACH OTHER! I'm totally AGAINST that "battle-of-the-bands" mentality that seems to encourage that kind of mindset! There needs to be a whole NEW set-up for fellow rockers!They need to have a  "BROTHERHOOD OF THE BANDS"!

Finally a message to the readers

KEEP YOUR METAL ON 10!! Hold to the faith! (...and don't forget about us old fuckers!) Hahaha!

Thank you very much for your interest in Butcher. It was a pleasure to answer questions.


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Bringing Bands & Fans Together Since 2005!!!

Arizona’s Butcher has had a colorful history. Starting out as Coven, the band has gone through many ups and downs in their history and Welcome To The Night does an excellent job of showcasing all this band has to offer. Laid out like a radio broadcast till the end of the world hits, each song is introduced as a different band. This proves to be a very effect tool in making the listener able to except that these songs are done by the same band!

Music wise, the band shows its chops buried in the world of NWOBHM and also in the modern Heavy Metal scene. As strange as it sounds, Butcher have to be applauded for the way that they have managed to mix all these influences into one album. Many bands would have filtered out the songs that didn’t fit their current sound, but then GREAT tracks like “King Of The Hill” & “Battleaxe” would have been left off the album to preserve its continuity. As it stands, whether you are a fan of Diamond Head, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden or more Traditional Metal bands like Manowar & Burning Shadows or even Horror influenced Metal bands like Alice Cooper, Lizzy Borden and Detroit’s Halloween, Butcher are right up your alley! Butcher's Welcome To The Night is not only one of the most ORIGINAL Metal albums to be released in the last 10 years... it's also one of the BEST \m/